Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rock Bottom Brewery

Let me say this first: I usually do not like eating at chain restaurants and tend to only eat at local eateries.  That being said, this will be my second review of a chain restaurant...  So I suppose it is fair to say I like chain restaurants that have a good beer selection and not just your average Bud or Miller as a beer selection.  Mellow Mushroom and Rock Bottom both have great beers, so on to the review!

I went to Rock Bottom located on Fountain Square with a friend after work for their happy hour to find it very crowded.  I had never been for happy hour before and I was greatly surprised at the deals that were being offered.  Appetizers were only $5.00, for full sized portions, not a special 'happy-hour' size.  And their beers were only $3.00.  I chose the White Tiger Wheat, my go to summer beer, and she was having the Crosley Field Pale Ale.  I don't know if it was the cold, breezy night but I wasn't feeling my favorite beer.  To my good fortune, "The Beer" guy got up on the bar and announced to his beer followers that it was time to tap the keg on the new beer, Queen of Hops which was followed with the description of an IPA.  I was a happy girl, soon after our waitress handed us free samples.  It filled my craving and immediately ordered a full size one.  I'm assuming that the large crowd there the night was for the new beer.  In case you are wondering, the new stout is an Espresso stout, which I didn't try.

My White Tiger Wheat

For apps we decided on the Ball Park Pretzels and the Firecracker shrimp.   The pretzels were by far the largest pretzels I've seen served.  The app came with two pretzels, which could easily feed 6, and a spicy cheese for dipping.  The cheese dip I was very happy with, great level of spiciness but the pretzels were very doughy and were hard to swallow without taking a sip of beer/water or dousing them in cheese.   The shrimp however were great.  They are lightly breaded, fried and tossed in a spicy Thai chili sauce and served with a ginger-citrus sauce for dipping.  The ginger-citrus sauce wasn't cutting it for me with the shrimp so I ate them sans-sauce and was very happy.  This is also a huge portion and feel it could easily be someone's dinner.

My friend and I skipped dinner that night, the large size of the appetizers were plenty, which was upsetting because Rockbottom has a great Mac N Cheese which I was looking forward to.  Next time :)

In the end I was a happy girl with great beer and a good shrimp meal on a cold, windy Cincinnati night.  Oh and if beer is your thing, be sure to inquire about getting their beer to go!

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