Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Siam Orchid

When I'm in the mood for Thai I always head down to Siam Orchid in Bellevue, Kentucky.  Everyone I have talked to whom has tried this place, love it and go back for more.  Unfortunately, this time I didn't have time to eat out so I was going for a take out.  Whenever I do eat in the service is always prompt and friendly.  On my way in this visit, I noticed that they were now serving sushi.  Um, hello!  Very exciting for I have yet to find a place close to me that serves good sushi at a fair and reasonable price.  I ordered a spicy tuna roll (my go-to roll when eating sushi at a new place) and my usual chicken pad thai.

Chicken Pad Thai from Siam Orchid in a to-go box

The chicken pad thai is one of my absolute favorites around town.  The sauce is light, and not very peanut-y but has a hint of spice to it and is very flavorful and delicious.  To me there is nothing worse getting pad thai and the noddles being coated in a thick peanut-butter sauce.  Siam Orchid serves theirs with bean sprouts, a generous sprinkle of chopped peanuts, hunks of scallion and a lime wedge. Plus it is a enough to serve two or have plenty of leftovers-for-lunch.

Spicy Tuna Roll from Siam Orchid in a to-go box

The spicy tuna roll was good, not great.  The spicy sauce wasn't a spicy mayo nor was it a smokey spicy sauce, it seemed to be a combination of the two that seemed to be a bit greasy.  Nevertheless it was quite spicy.  The tuna was hunks of good quality tuna, not chopped up bits mixed with the spicy sauce. The rolls were perfect sized not so big that you have to take multiple bite, nor was it so "now it makes sense on why it was so cheap" small.  It was good enough that I'll branch out and try some other rolls with my pad thai next time.

So once again, Siam Orchid, thank you for filling my Thai craving!

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