Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review: Giordano's Pizzeria

One of my recent travels took my to Chicago.  I had been there once when I was little and my memory escapes me on what I ate and saw when I was there.  The only thing I really wanted to eat during my visit there was a Chicago deep dish pizza.  My friend, a  Chicago native, took me to her favorite place - Giordano's.  We ordered a deep dish pizza with sausage and onion.  Thirty minutes later we were greated with a piping hot pie of cheesy goodness.

There was more cheese than I knew what to do with but I love cheese so this was not a problem for me.  The sausage was good, more of a sweet Italian than a spicy Italian.  The sauce on top provided just enough flavor to keep the cheese from being overwhelming.  The crust was fantastic - buttery and flaky.  My only complaint is that there wasn't enough sausage and onion - most of the bites were only cheese and I sort of forgot that we had ordered a pizza with other ingredients besides cheese. Maybe that is the point though considering I've never had a Chicago deep dish pizza before, but I will be back and eat at other places to be able to compare and I'll let you know how this place stands up to the others.

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  1. No offense intended - but Giordanos does not do deep dish pizza. They do what is called a Stuffed Pizza.

    The following does a decent job of explaniing