Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review: Tom + Chee

I fell in love with "the grilled cheese and tomato soup place" when they were just on Fountain Square.  Especially when they would do a $1 grilled cheese special (I don't know if they will be bringing those deals back but they will be on the square this summer for lunch)!  Their new home is on East Court Street.

Tom + Chee is more than just grilled cheese and tomato soup.  First of all, the grilled cheeses are out of this world - perfect combination of butter, bread, cheese and extras.  The outside is always perfectly crisped and the insides are always warm and gooey with outstanding flavor combinations.  My personal favorites are the Turkey + Pesto, GLT Chee, and a classic cheddar on sourdough.

The Turkey + Chee (pictured below) has chunks of oh-so-moist and oh-so-flavorful turkey that I want to know how they make it so I can make it for my Thanksgiving turkey!  Also in the sandwich is pesto and mozzarella cheese.  Once tomato season is here I'm going to ask for it with a tomato.
Turkey + Pesto Chee

The GLT Chee is a Cincinnati twist on a BLT and is served on white bread with goetta, lettuce, and American cheese.  If you love goetta you've got to try this sandwich. My only complaint about this is that the white bread doesn't hold up as well as the sourdough does so I would opt for that type next time.

Now the Tom - the tomato soup.  The kicker is that you can find other types of soup at Tom + Chee including a rotations of beer cheese soup (I have yet to get my hands on it because it is always sold out by the time I get down there for lunch!), cheesy potato leek, black bean beef chili and others.  The tomato soups Tom + Chee offers are the classic tomato, chunky tomato basil and creamy tomato basil.  I find the chunky tomato a bit spicy and the chunks make it difficult to dip.  If you're a dipper I highly recommend the creamy tomato basil - it is by far my favorite.
The creamy tomato basil soup
All of the Chee's are customizable (can add or take away certain toppings and type of bread you'd like it on) and have the option of regular, light or no butter.

Have you tried Tom + Chee? What is your personal favorites?

Update, Update: For Summer 2011, Tom+Chee will have a location at Fountain Square and they have opened up their new location at Newport on the Levee!! Congrats guys!! The Newport Levee location is huge - lots of seating and a hug chalk board full of options. They also have an outdoor patio for when the weather is nice!!

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