Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chicago Restaurant: Yolk

Whenever I go out of town I always (almost religiously) check out and to figure out what are the places to eat, see and do.  I stayed with a friend who is a resident of the fabulous city and she asked me what I wanted to do.  Since we are both breakfast fans I told her through my digging I wanted to go to Yolk and she told me that it sounded like a great idea because she herself had never actually been there but had also heard great things.

There are multiple locations through out the city, we went to the location on North Wells Street which is also conveniently located next to The Onion's headquarters, which is another friend of mines, favorite reads and had to get a pic with the sign.

The place we jam packed when we arrived for a late breakfast at 11:30 on a Friday morning.  Fortunately though, we were seated right away.  The place is cute with their vibrant blue, yellow and white theme.  Our server quickly brought coffees and strawberry-orange juices. The strawberry-orange juice was fantastic and fresh-squeezed, nothing is more annoying than paying for a glass of orange juice and getting some watery-concentrate mix - this glass was not that and had bits of pulp in the glass!

I knew what I wanted without having to read the menu - Eggs Benedict.  The Eggs Benedict was nothing that the online reviews had led up to, ie: "the best eggs benedict ever," "will change your opinion of eggs benedict" and "I live solely for their eggs benedict."  Don't get me wrong, the dish was good but it wasn't great.  The English muffin was tough to cut through and I had to ask for a heavy duty knife to get the job done.  The hollandaise sauce was fantastic along with the egg. The slice of Canadian bacon however was a too thin and got lost in the mix of things - I personally prefer a think slice so that it can be tasted in the combo of flavors.  The dish also came with fruit and a generous portion of hash browns that were probably the standout item on the plate.

My eggs benedict

My friend B. decided on a crepe dish that left her underwhelmed however, my friend A. decided on the Mediterranean  omelet which.she raved about, swearing up and down that it was the best thing she'd ever eaten for breakfast.

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