Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: Senate

I went here with my cousins for one of their birthdays and not going to lie, I was nervous about the place she had picked because of what I had heard about Senate.  I've heard a lot about this place - booth good and bad.  The good = amazing food and drinks in a great part of town. The bad = an expensive, pretentious place that serves just okay food. In the end, This Girl was very, very happy with the food, price and our server!

Some background about me/ my selection on food/prices I am willing to pay:  I love food and will pay for  good quality and tasty food.  I am also a 26 year old with more student loans than I know what to do with - aka I don't have money out the wazoo to spend on food.  My meal at Senate that included alcoholic beverage, a hot-dog and a side item - in my opinion - was no where near breaking the bank. And it was worth the money.

When I walked into Senate I first noticed that it was tiny! The booths were literally stacked on top of one another and had a brief concern that I'd have to stick my bum in someone's face and food and/or take out the patron and their food while getting in the booth.  There is also a large bar area where my cousin's and I started out while we waited for the rest of the party to arrive - they will not seat you unless your complete party is there, even if there is only a few of the tables taken and you're the only other party waiting to be seated.  At the bar I ordered a started out with the Lucy Lou. A fantastic lemon adult beverage that isn't too tart and definitely not one of those "too sweet I can't drink it" drinks.  In fact, it is my favorite drink in the city. Thanks Senate! Shortly there after we were seated and the magic happened.  Our server was a really nice guy and extremely helpful.

On to the dogs: I had the Trailer Park. Thank you, thank you to whomever decided to wrap a hotdog in bacon! The hotdog was great quality dog, completely different than a dog you find at the baseball stadium (which I also enjoy).  The bun stood up fantastically to all of the toppings and didn't get soggy.  

We also tried the truffle fries - which were fantastic! I had been dying to get the duck fat fries but since there was a veggie in our group we skipped that option. (Side note: Senate is also great for veggies! My vegetarian left "the hotdog place" stuffed and very satisfied all thanks to the sweet potato falafel sandwich).   

An added bonus of the restaurant that there is parking literally right next door (to the right of the restaurant if you're looking at it on the street) but you do have to pay a small fee.
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