Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q

On the eve of one of the greatest meals of the year, I thought I'd write about one of the best meals I've had recently.  Thanks for Fox Bros I had one of the best meals I've had probably all year.  It was AMAZING bar-b-q.

Here is the backstory:  The Bestie and I went to ATL to visit an Old Roomie.  Before our travels, I found out that the Atlanta Zoo has Giant Pandas.  I love pandas.  They win the award for cutest animal on the planet.  That is behind Sophie at least.  On our last day there we headed to the Atlanta Zoo to see the pandas and eat a fantastic meal afterwards.  Other than the pandas, the Atlanta zoo was a disappointment.  A good thing about the zoo is if you only have two hours or so to do something in Atlanta, go to the zoo, it only takes about two hours to see everything.  Maybe I've just been spoiled with the fantastic-ness that is the Cincinnati Zoo but the Cincinnati Zoo doesn't have pandas, their only downfall in my eyes.
These guys are the only reason to to go the Atlanta zoo.
After a long day of seeing these guys at the zoo, I did some Urbanspoon-ing and it lead us to Fox Bros.   This place is fantastic, amazing, wonderful, insert another synonym here because I can't rave enough about how good this meal was.  It isn't the end of the year but it gets my "Most Fantastic Urbanspoon Find" Award of 2012.  Shit, it gets the "Most Fantastic Meal of the Year" award for 2012.

After a short wait (on a Sunday afternoon), we started our meal off with the fried pickles.  The pickle was thinly sliced with not to heavy of a breading.  In my opinion a thicker slice of pickle would have been much better but that is only because I love me some pickles.  I got the Combo Plate choosing the sliced beef brisket and ribs with a side of spicy stewed green beans and mac n cheese.  The brisket folks, I could go on for days about how wonderful the flavor, the tenderness, the overall amazingness of this piece of meat was - but I won't and let you go figure it out yourself.  The sides, equally as fantastic.  The mac n cheese is so cheesy with large pasta shells, yum.  The green beans were labeled as spicy but were more pepper than spicy, still delicious nonetheless.  The Bestie got The Everything Plate and ordered the chicken, sliced brisket, ribs and pulled pork with the sides being green beans and mac n cheese.  He loved everything about it.  (Please note: none of use were able to finish our meals - large portions but I'm not complaining because it made fantastic left overs!)  His favorite was the brisket.  It was his first experience with brisket and it was, in my opinion, the absolute best way to experience brisket for the first time.  Only down fall is now trying to find him just as amazing brisket here in Cincinnati...  The Old Roomie got the pulled pork sammich with a side of the smoked wings.  He is still raving about the wings the way The Bestie and I rave about the brisket.  So do yourself a favor, get to Fox Bros for some amazing, amazing bar-b-q.  And the best news, you can buy their sauce online here.  Enjoy! :)

My amazing meal.

Fox Bros menu

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

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