Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Product Review: Playtex Secrets Bra **UPDATE**

First and foremost, the reason for this review is because I am a BzzAgent. What does that mean? Well, BzzAgents get products (and sometimes coupons for others) for free as long as I share our true and honest opinion about the products with friends, family, coworkers, and sometimes random people via Facebook, Twitter, blogging or even shopping for the same product in Kroger... This product review is of the Playtex Secrets bra I received earlier this week.

About the new Playtex Secrets bra:

You want a bra that matches your personality as well as your curves. That's exactly what Playtex Secrets® bras do. It's the collection that caters to your fashion sense, while keeping you squarely in your comfort zone. And only the Playtex brand offers TruSupport™ bras, designed with an innovative 4-way support system, along with gorgeous styling.

The truSupport™ 4-way Support System:

1.  FRAME - Higher sides for secure coverage and support

2.  STRAPS - Comfortable straps help reduce bounce and prevent digging

3.  CUPS - Rounder, accommodating cups mean less spillage and proper hold for a natural shape

4.  BACK - Wider, smooth backs for stability without ride-up

My bra that I received:

I received the Balconette Underwire in Nude. This design features wide-set straps, perfect for sexy, open necklines; seamless contoured cups and hidden underwire; and cushioned cottony-lined Comfort Strap® design.

My honest and true opinion of the bra as the day progressed:
  • Immediate (after I put it on) around 7:15 am: This bra gave me cone boobs. Aka: torpedo boobs, Madonna boobs. Not a good look. At all. I decided to keep it on because I don't have any meetings with clients today. 
  • 9:26 am: The shoulder straps are digging into my shoulders. Well not the entire strap, just the plastic bits of the strap. Also has a tendency to make a squeaking noise while I stretch my arm out to the left (aka to answer my desk phone). Getting a bit annoying. 
  • 1:30 pm: Lunch break. Strap still digging into my left shoulder. Haven't noticed the squeaking of the bra anymore. Cone shape - still present. 
  • 4:00 pm: Have loosened the left bra strap completely to alleviate the pain from the plastic digging. No more digging but not bra strap keeps falling off. Contemplating canceling my evening plans just so I can go home and get this bra off.
  • 10:05 pm: Didn't cancel evening plans because of the bra. When I got home I noticed I had a red mark on my shoulder from the plastic ring on the strap (tried to take a picture but it didn't show up all too well). 

Overall: This is not a bra for me.  I don't like this bra due to two major reasons: 
  1. The annoyance from the plastic ring digging into my shoulder all day. 
  2. I noticed that I was wearing a bra all day. The bra I typically wear I completely forget that I'm wearing one they are so comfortable. 
 Do I recommend this bra? No. For $37 I'd say to spend your money elsewhere.

** UPDATE **
Yesterday, April 8, 2013, I decided to give this bra another try.  It felt less 'cone-y'  while I was wearing it but I also had to wear a cami underneath the shirt I wore, so maybe that helped  my boobs look less 'cone-y.'  I also didn't notice any squeaking noises coming from the bra when I had to really reach for something yesterday.  However, around 7:00 at night when I was sitting down to watch the NCAA championship tourney game, the bra straps were really bothering me.  And once again, I noticed it wasn't the entire bra strap, it was the plastic piece that held the fabric to the elastic, expandable part.  I've noticed that my bra brand that I wear and buy regularly doesn't have this piece, and the fabric and elastic part are sewn together. So if you wear a bra that has this piece, maybe it won't be such a big issue for you. 

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  1. I can only find a couple of your Bras that come in size 48 +. Why ?